Azeites do Cobral, Lda. is the result of the merge between two centenary olive press factories, which belong to two families of Beira Alta, traditionally connected to agriculture and olive oil production.

Its facilities are located in Quinta do Cobral, Lagares da Beira, next to Cobral river, in a region with secular traditions on olive trees cultivation and on the transformation process of olives into olive oil.

It is a new company, equipped with the most modern machinery, with a rigorous quality control and with the best hygiene and sanity conditions.

In its facilities, Azeites do Cobral produces high quality virgin and extra-virgin olive oil, using Galega and Cobrançosa olives, originating from Serra da Estrela hills and from the entire Beira Alta region.

Azeites do Cobral is a certified company to produce and commercialize organic olive oil, with the support of an independent certifier entity.

Genuine Portuguese Olive Oil directly obtained from olives, solely involving mechanical processes.